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Modern Nursing Home With Full Spectrum Services Located in Carna

Carna Nursing Home

Carna Nursing Home was founded on 22 December 2003 by Dr. Casey and his wife, Sally.

It is designed for residential use for up to 51 people and is located in a picturesque corner of Carna, in a quiet and peaceful area.

We provide medical support from a therapist, timely medication, and proper resident care by professional and attentive nurses.

Every day, at Carna Nursing Home, we support the physical health of our residents, we offer interesting leisure activities and weekly programs. We are happy to see when residents dance, sing, draw, and reveal their potential.

Carna Nursing Home
Carna Nursing Home

Carna Nursing Home facilitates our residents to express their emotions and experience the love and beauty around them. The activities distract our residents from negative thoughts about everyday life.

We take care of every resident in our Nursing Home, with respect to their proper care and comfort.

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Carna Nursing Home

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24/7 Nursing Staff and Medical Treatment

Comfortable Conditions

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